What does Star Wars and Lord of the Rings have in common?



star wars

What do these movies, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Avengers and The Chronicles of Narnia have in common?

Each of these movies tells a story of a courageous fight and triumph of good against evil.

Besides the courageous fight, I wish to highlight that there are usually a parallel story of great friendship and bonding. No one really fights alone.

The movie, Lord of the Rings trilogy tells a powerful story of friendship and comradeship to overcome the dark force, Sauron. The heart-warming friendship between the Hobbits, Frodo and Sam is a good example. Besides, there were immense support from Aragorn, Gandalf, Legolas and many more from other kingdoms which came together to defeat Sauron and his armies.

Do you have a mission in life?

Do you have fellow comrades to journey with you to fulfill the mission?

A seventeenth-century English author John Donne once quoted “ no man is an island”.  Yes. we need to be independent and take responsibility for our own well being.  However, being too self-sufficient may lead us into social isolation.  Let us put aside our differences and unite for a common mission, working together to make this world a little better.


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