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Pandemic and Mental health ( 疫情与心理健康 ), a talk by Psychiatrist, Counselor and Pastor

Pandemic and Mental health ( 疫情与心理健康 ) The following is a talk on Pandemic and Mental Health in Aug 2021 The 3 speakers are Dr Vincent Wong ( Psychiatrist, Klang ), Ms Yvonne Lee, PJ/Klang ( Counselor ) and Reverend Ho Yong Seng ( Pastor )


Ten things we can do during stay-at-home period in the midst of the Coronavirus ( Covid-19) Pandemic

I am a nature lover and I love the outdoor. Unfortunately and sadly, the Covid-19 Pandemic forces each one of us to enter into an unprecedented lockdown or stay at home rule. We do not have a choice but to adjust ourselves to a “new normal” during this coronavirus pandemic For those who are feeling […]



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