Healthy Marriage Trait : Resolving Conflict by Focus on the Family, Malaysia

Good communication skills is key to every healthy relationships. Besides, having good Conflict Resolution tools is absolutely important to resolve conflicts. This is because it is normal for two persons living together to have difference in opinions and disagreements. Both party need to put in efforts to find a win-win solution. The spirit of give and take and healthy compromise is important.

If a win-win is not possible, sometimes, both persons may need to agree to disagree and find the peace to move on.

In the following series of 4 videos by Focus on the Family, we will focus on

  1. Healthy Marriage Trait 1 : Healthy Conflict Management
  2. Healthy Marriage Trait 2 : Shared Enjoyable Activities
  3. Healthy Marriage Trait 3 : Shared Responsibilities
  4. Healthy Marriage Trait 4 : Physical Intimacy

The reason that I placed Conflict Management as the first video because both partner need to resolve their conflicts before they could spend meaningful time together.

So here’s the first video.

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