Fraser Hill, Malaysia

Recently, I went for a family trip at Fraser’s Hill, Pahang, Malaysia and managed to squeeze in time for my personal retreat. I truly felt that it was a much needed break from my daily routine.

The thing that I enjoyed most at Fraser’s Hill was the cool morning walks at a temperature of 20 degrees Celcius. This was a great relief from the 37C in Kuala Lumpur / Petaling Jaya at noon.

As we were descending for Kuala Lumpur after a refreshing retreat, we came across an abandoned bungalow at midway.

I was told that the mansion was once a very famous bungalow and cafe which accommodated travellers, particularly those who needed a short rest. During those days, there was only one road to Fraser’s Hill. Travellers ascending and descending the hill needed to take turns based on a specific road schedule.

As such, the holiday makers used to enjoy delicious English breakfast and tea at the cafe while waiting for their turns to ascend Fraser’s Hill. Some may choose to stay overnight at the bungalow because the narrow road leading to Fraser’s Hill were closed at night.

However, in the recent years, new roads were developed and allowed for continuous access to the hill. Therefore, the bungalow which has once seen glorious days, was later abandoned.

From this illustration, I realized that I need to keep learning and changing with the times.

The world and our surroundings are changing each day. Medical sciences are flooded with new research findings. Our local social and cultural fabric are continually invaded by influences from other cultures. According to Erik Erikson, the famous developmental psychologist and psychoanalyst, the journey of a lifetime is about growth and adapting to changes from birth till death.  And I need to follow through these changes that happens in my internal and external world.

Human rights movement and individualism are permeating our shores. So how do we integrate individualism with the Asian traditional family and cultural values? Hence, if I do not learn, unlearn and grow alongside these rapid developments, I may end up like the abandoned bungalow, lonely and obsolete.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

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