Elyn Saks (The Fight against Stigma of Mental Disorder)

Elyn Saks ( The Fight against Stigma of Mental Disorder )

Ted Talk by Elyn Saks, Professor of Law from USA. She is sharing about her struggles and victories in her journey as someone who has mental disorder called Schizophrenia.


People who suffer from mental disorder deserve respect and dignity. Let us continue the fight against discrimination and stigma towards those who are suffering from any type of mental disorder.


Among the common mental disorder includes Anxiety disorder , Depressive disorder , suicidality , Bipolar disorder and Schizophrenia.




“Any other organ in my body can get broken and there’s no shame, no stigma to it. My liver stops working, my heart stops working, my lungs stop working. There’s no shame when any other organ in your body fails, so why do we feel shame if our brain is broken?”

Quote by Rick Warren ( His son died from suicide due to mental disorder )


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