Communication series with Dr Vincent Wong (Psychiatrist) – 2.0

How to speak so that people want to listen by Julian Treasure

Julian Treasure shared 4 principles of good speaking habits in an acronym H.A.I.L.

HAIL means to greet someone enthusiastically.

  1. H for Honesty.
  2. A  for Authenticity : This means being our true self.
  3. I for Integrity :  This means to do what we say or to walk the talk. To be a person someone can trust.
  4. L for Love : To say it with love, respect and sensitivity.

I always believe that words are very powerfully in our day to day communication. It is not only what we say but equally important is how we say it.

If we are making a certain demands, we can choose to say something in a blunt and aggressive manner or we can choose to express ourselves in a direct yet respectful manner.

If we are trying to resolve a disagreement with a close friend or a family member, we can either confront with a loud voice in a heated argument or say it in a respectful and loving manner.

As the saying goes, Words can make or break us.  So the choice is ours to say it the H.A.I.L. manner.

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