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Emotional garden

Our hearts and emotional well being is like a garden. We need to nurture and care for our  “emotional garden”. It is important to spend time watering our garden, allowing appropriate sunshine, pruning the unhealthy branches and adding fertilizers to it.  We also need to pull the weeds and remove the pests that may harm […]


Mental Health is Wealth

  In my capacity as a psychiatrist  ( mental health professional ), i have recently  shared in a conference on mental health for senior citizens and growing old gracefully in Petaling Jaya ( Malaysia ). Guess what? I was utterly amazed at how much i have learned and benefited from the preparation. And i certainly hope that […]


Do you know that mental disorder are often missed and usually goes undetected?

  Yes. It is true. This is because there are no clear measurements for emotional symptoms or distress. What this means is your love ones could be suffering from mental disorder but there is a high chance that you are not aware of it. It may seems normal to you. But in actual fact, this […]



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