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Parents can take an active role to promote mental health and prevent delinquent behaviours in their children. How?

Three researchers were awarded the Stockholm prize in criminology for showing how parents could prevent a child from becoming delinquent. One of them is Professor Travis Hirschi from University of Arizona. Here is the news article. Click here for the news article Let me focus on the following: How can parents take an active role […]


Global burden for psychiatric illness

  The Global burden of Disease 2010 is a worldwide survey to determine the severity of diseases in affecting our lives. It measures how each disease affect our human life span and reduces quality of life. Here is a video summary of Global Burden of Disease 2010 for Psychiatric or Mental Disorder by LANCET.  


WHO Mental Health report on Depression

  According to the World Health Organization (WHO) Mental Health Report, Depressive illness is going to rise from 4th to 2nd ranking in terms of disease severity and burden in 2020. This means that Depression will be the second most severe disease after heart disease.  



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