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Documentary on Dementia (失智症) by Melody FM Malaysia

On the 4 April 2017, I was invited to share on Dementia (失智症) by Melody FM, Malaysia. Here is a short documentary video on Dementia. ( in Mandarin and Cantonese )      


Stress : Friend or foe?

I have attached 2 talks here, one on mental disorder while another on mental heath and stress management. Stresses in life is inevitable.  However, our perception of events in daily life will determine our response towards each event, be it positively or negatively. Here are 2 health talks for your reference :  Talk on Mental […]


Elyn Saks (The Fight against Stigma of Mental Disorder)

Elyn Saks ( The Fight against Stigma of Mental Disorder ) Ted Talk by Elyn Saks, Professor of Law from USA. She is sharing about her struggles and victories in her journey as someone who has mental disorder called Schizophrenia.   People who suffer from mental disorder deserve respect and dignity. Let us continue the […]


Global burden for psychiatric illness

  The Global burden of Disease 2010 is a worldwide survey to determine the severity of diseases in affecting our lives. It measures how each disease affect our human life span and reduces quality of life. Here is a video summary of Global Burden of Disease 2010 for Psychiatric or Mental Disorder by LANCET.  


Mental Health is Wealth

  In my capacity as a psychiatrist  ( mental health professional ), i have recently  shared in a conference on mental health for senior citizens and growing old gracefully in Petaling Jaya ( Malaysia ). Guess what? I was utterly amazed at how much i have learned and benefited from the preparation. And i certainly hope that […]



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