Ten things we can do during stay-at-home period in the midst of the Coronavirus ( Covid-19) Pandemic

I am a nature lover and I love the outdoor. Unfortunately and sadly, the Covid-19 Pandemic forces each one of us to enter into an unprecedented lockdown or stay at home rule. We do not have a choice but to adjust ourselves to a “new normal” during this coronavirus pandemic

For those who are feeling restless and bored during this time, let me suggest some good, healthy and fun activities at home.

The rule of thumb is stay curious to explore and learn !

Activity 1 : Spring Cleaning


For those who were busy and had no time to clean their organized mess, now is the time!

You may start cleaning small section of your room which requires sorting out and decluttering e.g, cleaning up those messy section of the store room or the piled up old CD or DVD corner.


Activity 2 : Music or Dance Therapy


Soak yourselves with your favourite music or playlist. You may start your own mini karaoke at home with your family or housemates or dance away at the living room.

How about learning a new musical instrument? Guitar, ukulele or even the piano.  Nowasyas with the internet and many good Youtube channel nowadays, learning anything has become as easy as ABC!


Activity 3 : Art TherapySlide3

nothing is to be feared

Drawing, colouring, hand lettering, craft work e.g. origami, cross stitch and knitting. All these are great pass times which help us get into the excitement – working on accomplishing the final product or a great art work.

ACtivity 4 : Controlled Gaming time

Playing computer or mobile phone games for a limited amount of time may be helpful for family bonding time of excitement and great laughter. I particularly enjoy both family app games called PSYCH and skribbl.io .

So, have fun !


Activity 5 : Stay Connected


Human are naturally social creatures. Staying connected with family and friends via video calls and social media keeps us SANE during this “ house arrest” period.  So stay connected.


Activity 6 : Keep Fit

Exercise at home. Why not? There’s online gym, dance, zumba and yoga classes. So start tapping into these resources for a great work out at home.


Activity 7 : Play time and Bricks time


Nothing beats a great indoor family game.

 There are many indoor games which can improve bonding for family and friends. In my family, we enjoy playing foosball as a a family. Besides, we also play board games e.g. Scrabble, Catan, Monopoly etc. Other indoor games includes card games, Mahjong ( A chinese game using small tiles ), Win Lose or Draw or simple treasure hunt around the house


Getting creative by assembling brick sets and putting together a puzzle can be great fun for the family too.

Activity 7 : Sous-chef de cuisine

cheese baked

Cooking! Be it a meal or pastry, exploring a unique recipe is definitely a wonderful personal past time.  Just be adventurous!


Activity 8 : Reading, Movie or start a Youtube channel


Watching a great movie, comedy or sitcom as well as reading or blogging are wonderful activities to explore too.


If you are adventurous and creative, try starting a Youtube channel and sharing your unique videos with the world.

This is a channel developed by my 11 year old son, a beginner.



Activity 9  : Nurturing a little garden


Of course, gardening!  I have a little rose garden which I enjoy nurturing it with sunlight, water and timely fertilizer. Don’t forget the regular weeding too.

Activity 10 : Helping the needy



Research has shown that helping someone in need makes us happier.

During this pandemic, there are many individuals or families who are affected financially and emotionally by the lockdown. Lending a hand to those in need is certainly meaningful and will make a little difference in the lives of others.

Recently a friend of mine started a food project among her church friends. They have been praying for the those in need in their community and later initiated the food project to raise funds to deliver groceries and packed food for families who are in need.


 So friends, I hope you would find the above suggestions useful.

Lastly, during this Coronavirus pandemic, always remember to keep physical social distance, wash your hands frequently and try not to touch your face!


Author : Dr. Vincent Wong





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