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In 1946, The World Health Organization (WHO) defined health as “a state of complete Physical, Mental ( Brain / Mind ), and Social / Spiritual well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Therefore a  complete sense of well being involves the journey of nurturing our physical and Mental / Brain health as well as healing for the inner self.

We also believe that Brain / Mental Health involves not only treatment of emotional problems but discovering and developing the strengths, abilities and talents which is inherent in every unique individual.

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世界卫生组织(WHO)在1946年将健康定义为”  健康不仅为疾病或虚弱之消除,而是体格,精神与社会之完全健康状态。 因此,整体的健康就包括身体上的健康,心理健康和心灵上的健康。

我们还认为,全面的精神健康不仅包括治疗情绪问题,而且包括发现和发展每一个人所拥有的优点, 能力和才能。

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After “I do” Part 2. Creating Healthy Marriage requires efforts and hard work!

Here is the second part of the Focus on the Family Marriage Malaysia, marriage campaign clip. Enjoy this great production.

My next posts will be series of clear strategies to sustain a marriage.

First two years of marriage…

In the next 2-3 months, I will be posting educational videos by Focus on the Family Malaysia regarding marriage.

Sustaining a Marital Relationship is hard work. It is more than feelings.

Dr James Dobson, PhD, clinical psychologist said that sustaining a marriage requires a strong and firm commitment regardless of our feelings. Both need to be committed and have the humility to work out the differences and issues. Good and healthy communication tools is the key.

In situation where there is emotional abuse or neglect, then professional help should be explored.

A broken windscreen or a Broken heart?

Wishing everyone a Meaningful 2024 !

Here is a my little true story in 2019.

February 2019,

On a Sunday, i was about to go cycling with my son. As i carry my son’s bicycle, in a rush manner, i accidentally broke my car’s windscreen.  Ooucchh!  My heart grieves a little as it was a 6 months old car.  After some background check, i found out that i need to spend certain amount of money to get the windscreen fixed.


( Can you see the crack at the windscreen ? )

Later i realized that the amount ( about RM1000+ ) to replace my windscreen is my “fees” for the following life lessons  :

Lesson No: 1.

Do not rush, in whatever you do.   

Lesson No: 2.

Everyone make mistakes. Which human being does not make mistakes? 

Lesson No: 3.

Do not be harsh with those who make mistakes.

If it was someone else who broke the windscreen, i might have lost my cool and scolded the person or gets really upset and stressed. Not surprisingly, I was not too angry with myself. Of course, i regretted that I was careless and rushing but I quickly forgave myself. 

The valuable lessons I learned is that I shall not be too upset when other people make mistakes too! Most mistakes are unintentional and everyone should be given a second or third chance, etc. We should try and learn to forgive one another.

Lesson No: 4.

It is better to break my car windscreen than to break the heart of people whom we love!

I can spend some money to replace the broken windscreen although it will hurt my bank account. However, i will NEVER be able to fix a broken heart of a human soul which will be psychologically / emotionally / mentally traumatized for a long long time or probable irreversible emotional trauma.

So, always be Wise and Thoughtful.  Knowing What to say, and How to say it,  are both equally important. 

I think this windscreen replacement fees is well spent after all.

So, whenever someone broke or spill something, I would say to them ” okay,  it is nothing compare to me breaking my windscreen!!


To Err is human

15 minutes to love

A video production by Focus on the Family Malaysia ( https://family.org.my/ )


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